Unparalleled delivery time of the hydraulic cylinders used in underwater platforms for handling the hull at Isola del Giglio

Hydraulic Components were asked to intervene to help in ensuring the rotation, alignment and subsequent removal of the Costa Concordia cruise liner, after the tragic shipwreck at Isola del Giglio.

The design of the hydraulic systems for the underwater platforms used, which was developed in close collaboration with top ship recovery specialists, involved record design, production and delivery times: the first hydraulic cylinders were delivered just after eight days from receipt of the order.

Thanks to special gasket systems, these cylinders can operate up to 50 meters below sea level and have been designed to ensure the fastening and subsequent locking of the platforms, whose size and weight are variable and can reach 1,000 tons, used for all ship removal operations.

Straightening and removal of the Costa Concordia cruise liner with HC hydraulic cylinders