Thanks to our hydraulic cylinders, we guarantee the good operation of the hydraulic system of the Mose gates

Hydraulic Components designed a hydraulic system aimed at ensuring the correct operation of the opening and closing system of Mose's mobile bulkheads, the large engineering work whose purpose is to protect Venice and its lagoon from high tides.

The lifting cylinders and HC hydraulic lock, that are an integral part of the work, guarantee the functioning of the closing and opening system of the valves that operate the mobile bulkheads, located at the gates connecting the lagoon to the open sea.

The whole HC hydraulic system and the different types of cylinders, including those that are part of the bulkhead hooking and release unit, can be used up to 30 metres below sea level, with no maintenance needed for over six months and without the intervention of divers.

Mose Project: mobile bulkheads to separate the sea from the lagoon and protect Venice