Trust builders

Since 1967 Hydraulic Components has been manufacturing products of the utmost excellence, and not only. In reality, HC establishes with all its customers a relationship based on dialogue that is worth far more than the sum of technologies used. It is a path of mutual trust, built on experience and constructive responsibility that makes it possible to share resources, engineering methods and innovation to generate products that are by far above the standard: HC unique solutions.

Moreover, at HC every goal achieved over time is the result of a lean and flexible approach; it is the product of a company which is increasingly structured and reliable, capable of comfortably dealing with ad-hoc orders of any size. A success witnessed by the satisfaction of all our customers.

We are good listeners, not just manufacturers.

Designers of steel

Every solution comes from an idea. And every HC solution is brought to life by our technical design department, probably one of the forges of the most creative and practical ideas to date known to the industry. The secret lies in high specialisation, resulting from HC’s extensive experience obtained even before its recent entrepreneurial restructuring. Another competitive factor is the attitude about experimentation, to reach beyond every common notion to conceive high engineering projects encouraged by unique and original components, almost all of which built to measure.

Drawings, therefore, that are turned into 3D models with the help of the most advanced IT technologies, but also with a lot of imagination, innovation and willingness to devise solutions where others see only limitations. Because genius is what makes the formidable HC steel booms stand apart.

The intellect creates, the hand obeys.

Testers of excellence

To talk about HC technologies is like commenting on the state of the art of engineering and applied electronics in machinery. And here, in the production departments, facts count more than words, the raw data of a business measured on a daily basis and intended to anticipate the pace of industrial upgrading, in order to be consistently among the top industry leaders. So there really is no need to list the investments made in renovating our mechanical lines. It is not important to mention the sacrifices made for a company that never stops growing. It doesn’t matter to remember what and how many technologies have succeeded one after the other in the name of uncompromising quality.

What actually counts is to demonstrate that we have managed to build a system that ensures the best results, always. With real, not hypothetical performance. Weighed and measured not only here, but in their daily operation, across the globe.

And there's more: the mind and the heart of HC’s specialised staff, without which no ideal of excellence could ever come to life. Resources at your service. And at your side.

Quality means believing in what one does.

Proud of our product range

For HC a foothold is enough to lift the world. It's an extraordinary lever that does not only focus on production quality, but especially on the agility of its network. On timeliness and accuracy, on the ability to involve engineers, on the enthusiastic consulting and on enabling all services conceived and built 'to measure'.
On wanting to be considered 'partners' more than mere suppliers.

People at all levels will make you appreciate the difference between selling and offering, between having a standard product or a custom project, between receiving a piece of steel and obtaining a solution with an integrated service.
And it doesn’t matter how distant you may feel.

The important thing is that you are close to our ideal of collaboration: professional, never impersonal. Happy to participate in your success.

You can’t translate excitement. You have to channel it.